ALT TEX is creating the world’s most radically sustainable polyester alternative, from one of the world’s largest landfill contributors – food waste.


Fashion shouldn't come at the cost of our planet & our people

60% of the clothes we wear are made of plastic. Polyester manufacturing uses 55 million barrels of oil annually, and is a leading contributor to the 10% of GHG emissions generated by the industry. In the 21st century, we shouldn’t be wearing plastic.


Radically circular biosynthetic textiles

We generate 1 billion tons of food waste annually – why not put it to good use? At ALT TEX, we’re taking one of the world’s most abundant waste sources – food, and using it to overturn one of the world’s most polluting industries – fashion.

How? Food. Fermentation. Fiber. Fabric.​

Our patent-pending food-to-fabric technology reengineers food waste into a bioplastic fiber.

The Result? Radically Circular Textiles.​

The performance we love from synthetic textiles, without the damage.

Not only is the ALT TEX material derived from a waste source, it’s biodegradability means it can be decomposed in industrial digestors to return back to the earth.
The ALT TEX polymer behaves like polyester and is melt extruded, giving it mechanical benefits similar to polyester such as high durability and versatility in a variety of textile applications.
1/3 of the fashion industry has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. By capturing emissions from landfill-destined food waste and using a process that uses 60% less energy than polyester manufacturing, the ALT TEX solution is carbon neutral.
By leveraging one of the world’s largest waste source, food waste, as feedstock, ALT TEX is cost competitive to other premium sustainable fabric alternatives.
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In the amount of time you might have taken to read through to this section, 3 dump trucks worth of textile waste were sent to landfill.

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